Why do I need this

Bitcoin is a vibrant community and growing fast. Giving your customer an additional safe way to make payments directly to you - without going through a middlemen.

Error code during payment process

If you want us to investigate transaction further, please submit a customer service ticket. To speed up the process please add as many details about the transaction as possible.

Do you wait for confirmations?

Yes. After 1 confirmation the generated invoice will be marked as paid.

Is this service really for free?

Yes, at the moment the service is completely free. If this ever changes, you will be notified well ahead of time.

Login problem and password reset

If you are having trouble logging in you most likley forgot your password. You can reset your password at the Login screen.

Where do I get a bitcoin key?

In order to use our plattform, you need a BIP32 master public key. Wallets like Electrum or MyCelium support it. There will be a more detailed guide soon.

What happens to timeouts?

There is no such thing in Bitcoin. What can happen though are "unconfirmed" transactions. In case of an unconfirmed transaction, it will simply take a while until the payment is marked succesfully. We will keep checking the transaction status until it went through.

Change username

You can not change the username. If you want to use another you can only create a new account.

Do you have a community forum or a group chat??

Yes we do! We have a Telegram Channel to discuss everything from code samples to Bitcoin itself. Unfortunately, due to the recent rise of spam bots you need to contact us to get access!

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