Super Easy Payment Processing

We provide the ultimate bitcoin processing solution for anyone who wants to take advantage of Bitcoin and the blockchain.

Bitcoin Payment processing

One simple API to receive Bitcoin directly into your own wallet.

The main advantage

No middlemen - process bitcoin from your customer straight into your wallet

Independent from payment processor policies

No commission fees. Free Bitcoin processing!

Only minutes to set up

A sophisticated developer API and a straightforward payment panel.

No personal information required. No approvals or KYC/AML

Core Benefits

Nobody holds or touches your money

We do not require merchants to temporarily entrust us the money customers pay for products or services

Unlike other bitcoin payment processors, we let your customers send money directly to your own wallet.

This was made possible because our platform uses BIP32 to generate payment Bitcoin addresses.

Simple widget and expert API

Wether youre small online store running on Wordpress or a big online merchant with a custom built software in the backend, Cryptopay provides you with just the right tools that you need to start accepting Bitcoin payments.

You can start by creating a simple Payment Button using our API.


Because Cryptopay doesn't hold or even touch the money, we don't need to know any intrusive information about the merchants.

What Cryptopay provides is a tool to watch the blockchain and detect new transactions at certain addresses.

Then intersted parties, i.e. merchants, receive a notification from Cryptopay when a payment is made.

API Sample

Start accepting Bitcoin payments in less than 5 minutes

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